Thank you.

Thirteen days ago, we released Paper into the world with the hope of creating a place where ideas can live and thrive. Since then, 1.5 million people have downloaded Paper from all over the world. Thank you.

To say the response has been overwhelming would be an understatement. For a tool that we made for ourselves, we’re thrilled to find 1.5 million other like-minded creators out there. 

You’ve collectively created 7 million pages. Laid out end to end, they would stretch 1,215 miles. Stacked, 7 million pages would reach about 3,500 feet.

But most importantly, that’s 7 million times where you’ve pushed aside distractions and put ideas on paper. Moments like a software engineer sketching his hometown, an architect capturing a dream, a husband anticipating fatherhood, a czech painter discovering a digital medium, an artist turning to science, a diary becoming visual, a designer sketching an idea for a bag, and a talented illustrator looking for simplicity. We all create. And that’s a beautiful thing.

We’re glad you’re with us for the journey. 

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